Paralegal Consultants, LLC


Paralegal Consultants, LLC is a nationwide firm dedicated to providing affordable legal services to attorneys across the country, servicing solo practices, larger private firms or legal departments of corporations, we strive to support attorneys who find themselves in need of talented paralegals.

Independent paralegals provide support to the legal community on an "as needed" basis. As attorneys attempt to optimize cost effectiveness and efficiency, independent paralegals offer services which dramatically reduce operating costs. My firm provides you with the option to acquire paralegal services without the costs typically associated with in-house paralegal employment (health insurance, vacation, sick time, etc.). By eliminating these costs and billing paralegal work to clients at a competitive rate, attorneys can focus on obtaining and retaining clients and increasing billable hours. Our paralegals can perform work typically considered mundane tasks, while also completing complex and difficult assignments assigned by the attorney.

Although our primary focus is document preparation and litigation case management, we have the ability to provide top notch services to clients with unique needs. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will provide you with an accurate time line and cost quotes for the services you require. We expect to not only fulfill, but to exceed your expectations for professional paralegal services.

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