Paralegal Consultants, LLC
Kelly J. Eckel, C.P., M.Ed.

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Employing full or part-time paralegals can be costly, especially when considering rising health care prices and other employment costs associated with qualified paralegals. We would like to offer you another option. Hiring an independent paralegal provides attorneys with the power to decide when paralegal services are necessary, quickly eliminating downtime and time spent on unnecessary tasks. By providing paralegal services on an "as needed" basis, attorneys can remain competitive and serve more clients while maintaining high quality work at a lower rate than standard fees.

Our legal services focus on case management, litigation assistance and estate planning. You can find a more specific list of services under the Legal Services Tab. We are dedicated to providing our clients a top quality and timely work product. We can help manage a case regardless of its stage in the litigation process. Paralegal Consultants, LLC will provide you with the professionalism and affordability you desire.

We do not require a retainer prior to initiating and completing work. We bill at the completion of the work provided or on a quarterly basis for ongoing relationships.

Rates are always quoted prior to work being started so the attorney is aware of the associated costs to the client. Flat fees are available for simple document preparation. Quotes are determined by the complexity and time requirements of the assignment.
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